Pledget Cutting Machine

pledget cutting machine, from the world leader

productivity and safety first

The leading pledget cutter
for non-woven PTFE felts

Our long experience and patented technology since 1999 in building cutting machines allows us to give you following quality guarantee: We strife to build the most reliable, safe and maintenance-free machine on the market. The produced pledgets have very tight manufacturing tolerances. The pledgets are without any protruding fibres at the edges.

Basic features

felt size
6 x 6 inches (152mm x 152mm)
Hole drilling can be turned on and off.
Various sizes of cutting dies available.
approx. 8 sec per pledget (450 pledgets per hour)
100V ... 240 V (AC) 50..60Hz
pressured air
0.6MPa (90psi) clean dry air (normalized volume 2 liters/minute)
87cm x 57cm x 40cm (34'' x 22'' x 16'')
40kg (90lbs)


Our standard operating procedures are controlled by the international standard ISO 9001. Our company is certified by SQS Switzerland for ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. The machine is delivered with factory-calibration certificates according to ISO 17025.


All product touching surfaces are either stainless steel or PTFE. This avoids contamination of the final product with non-approved materials. The working process fulfills GMP (good manufacturing practice) standards and fits into the ISO 13485 and the European - MDR documentation process.